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Scarlet Clicks Review from the inside

Thank you for visiting our Scarlet Clicks review and for taking the time to read it. I trust it will yield into a great use of your time.

Paid to click sites appeal to online job seekers because they provide the possibility to earn money right away with no upfront expenditure.

Is Scarlet Click safe and effective?

This review will describe Scarlet Clicks, including who they are, what they do, and how they operate. I'll also go over the advantages, disadvantages, and whether or not Scarlet Clicks is a fraud.

Scarlet Clicks is a PTC (Pay-To-Click) website. It rewards members for clicking and watching advertisements, participating in PTC activities and offers, and referring new members to join. Since 2009, it has handed out millions of dollars to its over one million users.

It is owned by Dimitrios Kornelatos, who also owns other PTC sites GPTPlanet, and Optimalbux. 

Ways to make money

There are several ways to make money on ScarletClicks, which include:

  1. Clicking and Watching Ads
Your primary source of income, as with many PTC websites, is obviously getting paid to click.

PTC is one of the most straightforward ways to earn money online. It's something that everybody can do. 

Scarlet Clicks pays $0.001 every click on average. Some people get paid less, while others get paid as much as $0.002. But we're talking about a fraction of a cent here. 

This option can be found in the website menu under the "View ads" tab. Your advertisement will load in a new tab, prompting you to solve a captcha before your account is paid for viewing.

       2. Referrals 

Referring others is another way to make money. Depending on your membership level, you can earn anywhere from 40% to 100% of their commissions.

Free users can earn 40%, while premium members can earn 100%. It sounds nice to make money off of other people's labor, and it can be.

To earn money from your referrals, you must also click on ads and stay active (four ads per day).

Build an online following or another source of traffic (for example, search engine traffic) so you can recommend Scarlet Clicks to hundreds or perhaps thousands of individuals.

You also can buy 5 referrals for $5.00, and if each one clicks and watches several hours of ads, you might make a profit. That would be a perfect scenario.

Each referral that you buy is yours permanently.

      3. Paid to Signup Offers (PTSU)

Scarlet Clicks has a lot of offers for which you can get paid to sign up. This option can be found under main menu you'll see a button that says "PTSU" which stands for "paid to sign up".

These are basically folks who pay to promote their links on this site. You will then be compensated for signing up using the links.

Sign-up bonuses will range from $0.05 to $0.50 which proves that they pay more than the PTC ads.

Before joining up, please sure you read the terms and conditions. Many of them will require you to stay active on the other platform for a particular number of days in order to receive your reward.

      4. Advertise

If you have a website or some kind of other product or service site you would like to promote, you can buy advertisements on Scarlet Clicks and drive traffic to your advert or sales funnel.

The price depends on the types of ads you want to buy. 

You will have to form your own opinion about the quality of traffic available from Scarlet Clicks. Based on your experience, tests and opinion, you can then build a great marketing strategy for your campaigns.

One miner hurddle with the user experience of the Scarlet Clicks website is that some popup ads float over other features of the website and get in the way of ease of function.

      5. Traffic Exchange

Scarlet Clicks' traffic exchange, like advertising, is only useful if you have a website or item to promote and don't want to spend money on it.

It works by earning credits by visiting other people's sites or offers, then using those credits to get visits your own site(s) or offer (s).

If you have something to promote, this is solely relevant. Even if you do, keep in mind that the traffic quality will not always be excellent.

You can specify whether only premium members are allowed to visit your site and which countries they must come from.

With that stated, it costs you nothing to participate in traffic, depending on how you value your time.

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